Calgary Luge Club


The Calgary Luge Club (CLC) has been supporting local Development athletes since 1985. The CLC works closely with the Alberta Luge Association in the overview and planning process of the Luge Program.


Membership Options

  1. Athlete Member: Any person actively participating in local club and/or ALA sliding events and is 16 years of age or older prior to the beginning of the current membership year. Each athlete may attend all Annual and Special General Meetings and is entitled to one vote.
    Download CLC Athlete Membership Application

  2. Family Members: Family membership is mandatory for athletes not 16 years of age or older at the beginning of the current membership year. A paid family membership is entitled to a maximum two (2) parent/guardian votes at Annual and Special General Meetings of the Association.
    Download CLC Family Membership Application


Fundraising & Volunteering

Each athlete is responsible for the following fundraising and volunteer commitments:

  • 5 fundraising events per Senior, NextGen, and Development athlete

  • 3 sport promotion events


Athlete fundraising accounts (December 2020)


Athlete fundraising credits can be used toward the following expenses:

  • Program fees

  • Travel fees

  • Equipment – Helmet, Booties, Suit

To use athlete credits, please contact CLC and the ALA office.


Calgary Luge Club


Alberta Luge Association

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